Hey Werewolves

by El Dog

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Taking place between sunset and sunrise, Hey Werewolves is an album that arcs from retrospective romance into anger and back.

This album has a Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) licence, which means that you are free to share, remix or use this music in your own creations as long as they are also available for free.

For commercial use please contact Lo-Five records.


released 10 November 2011

El Dog are:

Bob Rafferty: Vocals, guitars and keys
Alan Peacock: Vocals and guitars
Jim Mango: Bass and vocals
Calum Scott: Drums, percussion, vocals, keys and programming

Sean Biggerstaff, John Urquhart Ferguson and Ashley Danielle: Backing vocals

Produced by El Dog
Mastered by Iain Hutchison




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Track Name: Hey Werewolves
The sunshine of your smile
Turns these yellow eyes to green.
The moonlight on your shape
Makes a monster out of me

Hey werewolves
Hey werewolves
Let's go

These silver bullets
Won't kill this love
These silver bullets
Won't kill this love
Track Name: Cub
When I was sixteen
And music was mushroom clooud
We'd shimmer in the glitter
And I'd sing your name aloud

In my youth
I'd simmer when I spoke
The World's biggest joke
In my youth
Sailed Clydeside on a boat
Made of broken oaths, yeah

This labyrinth my hometown
Amongst accomplices
The magic in your language
That was and always is

In my youth
You burnt these holes in me
For everyone to see
In my youth
Write love songs for you still
I guess I always will
Track Name: Drop Dead
When we sparred
We slurred hurtful words
Not enough blood will quench your thirst
I won't ever know what you want
You won't ever know what you want

With pure hostility
The truth will set you free
Just can't say it
What you wanna hear
What you wanna hear
What you wanna hear
Just can't say

I tear myself into pieces
Your fingers under my skin
These words of shock and horror
Don't reveal anything

I failed again
To fulfil my remit
I failed again.
I'll make movies instead

And you can call it off
You can pretend
The songs of empathy
The words upend
Track Name: Store Front Music
Midnight serenade
As the streets sleep soundly now
Her cupid bow smile
Lit by tender words I sing

We'll subdue the violence
Of the full moon nightlife
With a gentle gesture
Of store front music

And these words
Love you as much
As I do now
With store front music

I dance
On broken legs, tonight
I sing
To the empty window sills

I'll sing a midnight serenade
To the sacred stop sign
And all the small town dream kids
And my broken fingers

We'll dispel the silence
With the beating of our hearts
And the store front music
That plays all night